Wealth Management

We help clients build sound financial plans that allow them to plan their money around their lives instead of their lives around their money.

We tailor our full range of wealth management services to aid you in each stage of your life.

Peak Wealth Partners provides a holistic approach to custom financial planning, investment and wealth management. This includes 401k rollover services, Roth IRA conversions, social security maximization, pension planning, tax and estate planning strategies. Wherever you are at in life, our team of wealth managers will enable you to spend your time where it matters most.

Our wealth managers take the time to meet with you and learn everything we can about your goals, needs, assets, and expenses.

We believe that your finances are as unique as your fingerprints, which is why we take the time to truly get to know you. Your needs will be at the heart of our financial recommendations. And, as a fiduciary, we have an ethical obligation to act in your best interest when providing wealth management advice.

Discover Our Wealth Management Process:

A set of financial plans that allow you to plan your money around your life, instead of your life around your money.

Too often, investors fail to create a comprehensive plan that can help them weather the storms and allow them to sleep comfortably at night. It takes hard work to create a plan for all seasons. Our Peak Wealth Process helps answer the biggest questions you have: will I have enough for retirement? Will it last? If something happened to me, would my family be OK?

The Peak Wealth Partners Wealth Management Process includes:

Financial Planning

We evaluate your current wealth situation, your goals, and your dreams. We discuss what your ideal future looks like, and what compromises might have to be made to ensure that your financial plan maintains momentum through all seasons. We meet with you and get to you personally.  

Tax Planning

In order to generate more tax diversification, we assess your current income, capital gain, or estate tax liability. Then, we develop wealth strategies to minimize the taxes you pay during your retirement and upon passing on your wealth to the next generation.

Investment Planning

Depending on your goals and risk capacity, we’ll create portfolios that are customized to your overall wealth goals.  Peak Wealth Partners is not tied in with a large “wire house” institution, which means we can offer a universe of funds and equities to create cost-efficient and high-quality portfolios.

Healthcare Planning

Understanding the healthcare system can be overwhelming. Whether you are trying to retire before becoming Medicare eligible, or are concerned about the high costs of Long-Term Care, our wealth managers take the time to ensure that you know your options, and create a financial plan that matches your health and budget.

Legacy Planning

By working collaboratively with your estate planning attorneys, our financial planners help maximize the amount that your loved ones will inherit, help control how the money is to be given, and minimize the taxes that are to be paid.

Interested in receiving a complimentary consultation to discuss our Wealth Management services? 

The first step is a consultation with one of our Peak Wealth Partners team members. 

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